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hi, I just install paktor in my phone,and I receive alot of messages from girls,but I need to pay about k a month to replied that messages, does those messages really from a girl or computer bot?

is k a month really worth? thanks fero. Sorry I only tried the free version so I can't tell you I think some of the messages you receive are sent by Paktor to encourage you to subscribe..

If the girl is sending you long, enthusiastic sentences, you can assume it's a bot and not a real girl If you decide to pay the Rp,, please come leave a feedback here bout whether it's worth it or not Hi, I'm looking for a fuck buddy or one night stand, preferably 'bule', no string attached, no personal info sharing, no drama, and no money involved. Just sex! Should you a healthy 'bule' interested, do contact me at letswearnothing gmail.

Hi there, You've done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they'll be benefited from this website. But do you actually assume your girlfriend goes to be happy with JUST that? She's lucky I hope i can find the real love someday��.

There seems to be an invasion of young "Pick Up Artists", aka Affective Tourists in the past 5 years. I've had several girls asking me directly "Are you a sex tourist? Tried to get a woman in Jakarta for a short term relationship, not exactly for one night or sex only.

Used DateInAsia. Used it 2 years ago successfully in Philippines for finding a sexing travel mate. Today it became a real pain in the ass. They block you for anything suspicious, e. I sent a link to my photo in external page twice because of their annoying photo acceptance policy and I got banned. Then they have sophisticated bots to detect any new account so you need to have other IP, other photo, other SIM card etc. Then I tried to get the girls email address and using the word "email" in 2 different conversation got me banned again : Their rules say that you cannot ask for contact information of persons that you don't know.

As it is a dating site, this is rather funny. Even if I talk to them for a longer time who knows what the policy is if you ask for more than 1 girls contacts.

They also have in their rules that you cannot look for girls for flirting so who knows what the administrator will think. When they ban you all work is gone.

Even when it is virtually free it costs you too much effort. I found cca. From what I read above I am going to try the IndonesianCupid as I need to get the girl before I travel to Jakarta.

So Tinder is not the way to go for me probably. If anyone has any tips for me or wants to exchange experience, let me know at jedenkluk gmail. Never had problems with DIA DateInAsia. And I am quite happy, that crooked people do have problems there. I don't want to meet fakes, scammers, etc. Why do you need multiple accounts there? Because of sex tourist sites like this, the scene is getting more ruined every year. Im not here for that.

Dont waste your and my time. Because of a few guys who want to be a smartass with his website, the whole scene gets destroyed. Think about when you will be 50 and want to sexpat in Asia, it wont be there anymore because you contributed spilled the beans as a 30 y old just to make a few affiliate links Also, sites like that attract masses of arabs, pakis, turks etc who are even more desperate for sex than the french and italians and contribute to ruin the place.

Jakarta sex scene now is already a shadow of what it was 15 years ago. errmmmm Beetalk has switched of the people nearby function a year ago or so already.

I am aged Asian man.. I bear all travel cost and also fee give her.. Waiting for a sweet reply. Tinder is pretty bad in Jakarta now. You get tons of matches but none of them reply. If they do end up replying they do so every 3 hours or end up ghosting on WhatsApp.

In addition the pretty girls are picky so you are left with waria,,massage girls, overweight women or hijab girls lol. why do you guys like this place so much??? Girls just make accounts on Tinder to get more Instagram followers Sad but true If you have money, use SeekingArrangement as you'll meet the best girls you don't need to spend that much money, most girls will be happy if they get just free dinner or free trips to Bali Just got scammed by a girl from Tinder!

Here's the story: I matched with this girl who was really pretty. I'm 43 and she was 21, way above the kind of girls I normally match with. I was expecting her to start asking for money or something, but she didn't say anything of the sort. After a few minutes chatting, I told her that we should meet and she agreed. I asked her if she would come to my place and she said yes without hesitation. I was a bit suspicious at that point so I asked her for a videocall.

She was real and I was thinking this was like a miracle. I offered to order GrabGar for her, but she said she wanted to order Go-Car by herself. After a couple of minutes, she texted me with a screenshot of the taxi ride. The price was ,rp and she said: "so expensive, my GoPay only IDR20,!

I replied no worries and i sent her IDR, so it would pay for the toll as well. And of course, as soon as I sent the money, she blocked me and disappeared :. Those types of girls are usually from Tangerang I think. I almost got scammed by one of those idiots but I ended up blocking her instead. So many flakes and ghosting from these girls in Jakarta and most of them are ugly and fat.

And plenty of them are undercover hookers or 'taxi girls'. To punish them I invite them over, fuck them, and then kick them out with no money. They'll learn not to flake or treat foreigners like shit. Things to Do in Jakarta Travel Insurance Send Money to Indonesia Where to Stay in Jakarta? Jakarta Hotel Guide Where to Live in Jakarta? Whether you are holidaying in Bali or working in Jakarta, online dating is by far your best chance at finding someone special in Indonesia. It is now very common for Indonesians of any age or background to use dating apps, and the most popular ones have tens of thousands of members.

Among my friends living in the country, the majority of them have met their partners online and it is no longer something to feel shameful about. To quote a famous pick-up line: No, you no longer need to pretend you've "met at the zoo" when you introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents. As dating apps became mainstream, the quality and the diversity of the profiles have improved as well.

Gone are the days when datings apps were full of creeps and freaks. Nowadays, you can definitely find a potential wife or husband, someone attractive, smart, with a good job or career with whom you can build a serious relationship. That said, if you are a newcomer to the online dating scene in Indonesia, you may be a bit confused about how and where to start.

I wrote this article to answer those questions. More than a ranking, it is a comprehensive guide to online dating in Indonesia which, I hope, will help you find the right person for you.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment to share about your personal experience! Updated May : After trying again all the dating apps listed below, I readjusted my ranking and changed some of my descriptions. Read Also: 10 Best Countries in Asia to Meet Girls and 15 Best Dating Apps and Websites in Asia. These are the best online dating apps and websites in Indonesia now Tinder is way down, scroll down to understand why I hate this app :.

Bumble : For high-quality matches. Another thing I like about Bumble is that they have an excellent moderation team. There are much fewer scammers than on other apps as they will remove anyone who is trying to sell you something. They will also delete those who are just advertising their social media without actually replying to any messages. com : Best for those who don't live in Indonesia. You are living abroad but you would like to meet an Indonesian girl?

IndonesiaCupid is probably the best app for you. Unlike Bumble, it is a more traditional dating website that is part of a large network. Its sister websites include FilipinoCupid, Muslima for dating Muslim girls , Thai Cupid, Vietnam Cupid, etc. Most Indonesian girls on IndonesianCupid are looking to meet foreigners, hoping for a serious relationship.

Because of this, they won't turn you down if you say you are currently in the US, in Europe, or in Australia. As a result, many are also willing to have a long-distance relationship. Girls on IndonesianCupid are mostly from the middle class. Typically, you'll chat with employees, teachers, nurses, etc. OkCupid is a crossover between a traditional matchmaking site like IndonesiaCupid and a dating app like Bumble.

It is one of my favorites to use in Indonesia though it isn't always perfect. The advantage of OkCupid is that you can add a huge amount of information about yourself, from your political ideas to your eating habits or sexual preferences.

This can really help you find someone very specific, for instance, someone who is a vegan or someone who likes bungee jumping. You can also check your "match percentage" with any member to evaluate your compatibility with that person. Another feature is that you can change your location for free in the settings. This can both be useful if you are traveling or annoying as you may match with users who aren't where they say they are. com : Famous Sugar Dating Site. Guys who use this website are a diverse bunch.

You have many married men who are looking for a mistress, some executives on business trips, or some expats who want to date a young girl. I know quite a few friends who found their girlfriend through this site and they are now in happy relationships. The advantage of Seeking.

com compared to other dating sites is that things are more straightforward and that, as a man, you will get much more replies from girls. Tinder : For younger guys living in Jakarta. Tinder used to be the best dating app in Indonesia, but this is no longer the case.

There are so many things I hate about it now that I wouldn't know where to start. The biggest misconception about Tinder is that it is a free app. While this is technically true, in fact, its whole business model revolves around making you pay as much as possible. A male user who doesn't pay for Tinder will probably struggle to get any matches unless his profile is really attractive. You will get more matches at first, but as soon as you stop, you will get nothing. So you'll keep boosting your profile, again and again, matching with girls who are often not really interested to chat.

They will allow you to see who liked you, to swipe right an unlimited amount of time, or to message someone you didn't match with yes. I've tried these subscriptions, but one problem remained, even after getting plenty of matches: The overall quality of Tinder users is low. From a guy's perspective, at least half the profiles are useless: Between girls selling something cryptocurrencies, forex, property, insurances, etc , the scammers, the prostitutes, the ones who don't reply, and those advertising their Instagram account, it is actually rare to match with an interesting person who is willing to chat or meet in real life.

Instagram: For guys who have an interesting life. If you are a traveler, or if you have a good eye for photography, you should be able to do that easily, though. Badoo : For guys who can speak Indonesian. By being mostly free or cheap at least , it has become popular mostly among the Indonesian low-to-middle class.

For a foreigner, this means fewer people who can speak English and a wider culture gap with them. Most chats in Badoo are very superficial, limited to boring phrases like "sudah makan", "lagi apa", or "asli mana". Nah, itu dia beberapa aplikasi dating online di Indonesia yang bisa kamu coba sekarang.

Ada banyak pilihan dan setiap aplikasi memiliki fitur, serta keunggulannya masing-masing. Anda bisa coba beberapa aplikasi dating online di atas dan mencari yang cocok dengan personaliti Anda. Selamat mencoba dan semoga segera menemukan pasangan impian Anda! Tags: kencan dating apps Aplikasi Kencan aplikasi online dating DScovery Aplikasi Kencan Aman Aplikasi dating terbaik.

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Trending: Ascore. ai Agridesa AC Ventures Reku Playground Tokoscore Bibit Premium Hack ON Startup DScovery. Flipboard Email Copy link Link copied! Berikut ini beberapa aplikasi dating online di Indonesia yang bisa kamu coba, simak sampai selesai ya!

Tinder Sumber gambar : depositophotos. Unduh di sini 2. Tantan Sumber gambar : merdeka. com Aplikasi Tantan hadir di Indonesia sejak tahun lalu. Unduh di sini 3. OkCupid Sumber gambar : photofeeler. com Pada aplikasi OkCupid, pengguna diharuskan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan yang bertujuan untuk memfilter pencarian pasangan yang punya kecocokan atau relevan. Unduh di sini 4. Badoo Sumber gambar : apachieveonline. org Aplikasi selanjutnya yang gak kalah populer adalah aplikasi kencan online Badoo.

Unduh di sini 5. Taaruf Id Sumber gambar : hitekno. com Taaruf Id adalah aplikasi buatan anak negeri yang menawarkan layanan mencari jodoh bagi pengguna yang sudah siap menikah dan posisinya tidak jauh dari posisi pengguna. Unduh di sini Nah, itu dia beberapa aplikasi dating online di Indonesia yang bisa kamu coba sekarang. Disclosure : Artikel ini ditulis oleh Srikandy Indah Karina.

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Indonesian Actress — Nyomi Marcela Source: Wikimedia Commons. Here is the quick list of my top five dating sites and apps in Indonesia.

Indonesia like Malaysia and Singapore has a pretty small but effective dating scene. There are a handful of really good dating websites and apps to choose from. They all have a simple interface that even my grandmother would have no trouble navigating and a good-sized membership base to make it worthwhile to elect the paid membership option.

Let me start off by saying that, if you want to increase your chance of success in Indonesia, go to a big city with a large population, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, or Medan.

Bali is also good because it is a tourist destination and attracts a lot of Indonesian women from around the country. Usually, I can spot these profiles pretty easily. A woman who has only one picture posted, is wearing a tight bikini and making an overly suggestive pose are usually clear signals to steer clear.

Another clue of a pretender is a woman who has a poorly written profile. As a general rule of thumb, the more boring the profile, the more boring the person. Indonesian Model — Kamidia Radisti Source: Wikimedia Commons. Without further ado, here are my detailed reviews of the top five dating sites and apps in Indonesia.

IndonesianCupid is the best dating site in Indonesia. No other site has found that good balance between quality, size of membership, and affordability. IndonesianCupid is part of the Cupid Media Network, and thus sports the same clean website design, easy sign-up process, and great communication features as other Cupid Media sites.

Unfortunately, IndonesianCupid seems to harbor a fair number of sketchy profiles, who will message you immediately after signing up, without visiting your profile. Avoid these few bad eggs though, and you will enjoy using this site.

Signing up is a pleasantly brief process, with only your Facebook account or your name, gender, password, and email required as a first step. At this point, you can either finish filling out the rest of your profile or start searching for that perfect match right away. When you get around to finishing your profile, get ready to spend some time doing so, as there is a lot to fill out.

Some of the questions in the Personality Profile section are repeated from the Profile and Interest tabs though, which feels like an oversight. When looking through your matches, you can view search results in four ways: photos only, photos and basic information, photos, basic information and a short blurb, and by full profiles. You also have many options for narrowing down your search, including searching by: age, location, and education, body type, ethnicity, lifestyle choices smoking, drinking, etc.

However, if both of you are Standard members, neither of you will be able to speak to the other. The one upside here is that communication features as a premium member are fantastic. Audio, video, and IM are all available, and have proven to be invaluable features for ensuring match compatibility before meeting in person. One of my favorite features on IndonesianCupid is the opportunity to filter who you receive messages from.

You have many filtering options, from age and location, to nationality, religion, ethnicity and more. While this feature will typically be more useful for women, as they tend to receive more messages than men on dating websites, I personally found this feature extremely useful for filtering out spam messages.

While the majority of users are from Japan, Thailand, Philippines and the nations around it, the site also attracts many users from Europe and the United States. Most of the male users on the site are between the ages of 35 and 44 and fill up a majority of the premium accounts.

Female users mostly have free accounts and range anywhere from 25 to years old. You can sign up separately or through your Facebook account. All you need to do is fill out your basic profile information, such as age, gender, region, and other complimentary details, and then upload a photo so you will get more views, although it is not mandatory to upload one. After your photo is uploaded and the sign-up process is complete, the AsianDating staff will review your profile and alert you when your profile has been approved and is ready for use.

Once your account is verified, you will receive a verification badge. On average, the process takes no more than a few hours. AsianDating is great in that it allows you to elaborate on yourself and truly show your personality. When you sign up, you can talk about your lifestyle, your cultural background, and your interests, and other users will see that when they view your profile.

It makes sending messages easy when you know a little bit about a person before messaging them. AsianDating is easy to navigate. You can filter your results by age, gender, and region, and results will show up on your screen. There is also preference-based matching which are matches that show up on your screen when you log in based on your profile. If AsianDating sees someone compatible, they will let you know.

One problem could be finding very users around you. One of the caveats of AsianDating is you can only message someone else if you have a premium account or a person with a premium account messages you. If you are a free member and contact someone that is also a free member, the message will be locked until one of you upgrades.

There are certain restrictions on AsianDating that only premium users can take advantage of. Some of the perks that come with a premium membership include the following:. As another option, I recommend you sign up for Bumble.

I did a full review of Bumble here. The site markets itself as a social media site with an emphasis on dating rather than as a true dating site. In order to create an account on Badoo, you will need to fill in your first name, birthday, city, gender, and what you are looking for your three options are chat, dates, and friendship.

You can either upload a photo of yourself right away or you can skip it to do it later. Once your email has been verified, you will be free to use the site. Badoo utilizes a game called Badoo Encounters to make it easy for you to look for matches fast. You can either click the Heart or the X icon, similar to how you would swipe right or left on another app. Meanwhile, the People Nearby function enables you to find people in your general vicinity.

You can narrow down your selection by your search filters. This can be disappointing if you are set on only finding someone in your area. Meanwhile, the Badoo Live service allows members to host live video streams, which you can either watch or join.

The features on Badoo are admittedly rather basic, but they are convenient for helping you to find dates. Both free and paid membership levels are available for Badoo.

The free option allows you to message premium members and send flirts, take part in the Encounters matching game, browse member profiles, and use the search filters. OkCupid has been around since , and in the sixteen years of its existence it has established itself as one of the most popular dating websites in the world. Since its inception, OkCupid has gone through many upgrades and updates for both their desktop site and their mobile app.

One of the biggest changes has been how users can send messages, which we will talk more about later. Signing up for OkCupid is genuinely a fun process. As an alternative option, you can register with your Facebook account instead. These questions will take around five minutes to answer, and will make it easier for you to match up with someone else. With OkCupid, you will be shown one profile at a time, and you can swipe either right or left depending on your interest.

To help you narrow down your options, a series of profile-building questions will be thrown at you. The discover section will provide you with more freedom to peruse through your options. Each profile you see will feature the photo gallery of the member at the top of the page, followed by their profile summary.

The messaging system on OkCupid has changed to help reduce the unfortunate number of inappropriate messages. Back when I first used OkCupid, you could send any message to any user whatsoever. Today, you can still send messages to anyone, but the user will only see your message if they have liked you back.

OkCupid has a multitude of features designed to help enhance your experience with the site. These include the DoubleTake where you either swipe right or left on different profiles, the Boost section where your profile will be highlighted and therefore be shown more frequently to other members , the Likes tab to see who as liked you this is only available for premium members , and the blog that discusses dating advice and how to better use the site.

OkCupid offers both free and fee-based services. When using the free version of the site, you are free to message other users, search for matches, keep track of the profiles you have liked, use the search filters, and use the Double Take Feature. However, there are more features you can access when you opt for a paid membership. These include advanced search filers, no advertisements, a daily auto boost, and the ability to see who has liked you, and public question answers.

Good luck out there! Worldwide Online Dating Site Reviews: Be sure to check out my country-by-country reviews of the best online dating sites in the world. Worldwide Jobs Guide: If you are interested in working in this country, be sure to check out my posts on how to find jobs in this country and other countries around the world. Worldwide Apartments Guide: If you are interested in renting an apartment in another country, take a look at my articles on how to find an apartment in various countries around the world.

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You may get the odd local trinket, but you'll be expected to return that x Selamat mencoba dan semoga segera menemukan pasangan impian Anda! Trevor January 11, at PM. Need an account? Selain itu, Taaruf ID memanfaatkan algoritma khusus untuk menampilkan peserta yang siap nikah di dashboard aplikasi dan diurutkan berdasarkan lokasi terdekat. Tidak perlu khawatir lagi, coba 5 aplikasi dating online paling diminati ini!

The biggest misconception about Tinder is that it is a free app. Yes, I would like to receive newsletter from DailySocial. Good luck! IndonesianCupid is part of the Cupid Media Network, and thus sports the same clean website design, easy sign-up process, and great communication features as other Cupid Media sites. Kehadiran Tinder sejak tahun membawanya pada kesuksesan sampai saat ini yang sudah mencetak rekor hingga 3 miliar swipe pengguna dalam sehari per Maret id Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It makes sending messages easy when you know online dating indonesia app little bit about a person before messaging them, online dating indonesia app.